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belt bag design

In 2006, when I wanted to give a really personal gift, I made my first belt bag. Seeing its great success as well as its virtual lack in Hungary, I decided to make these special tools more popular.

It took long to find the appropriate textile to fulfill all important aspects – rich colour variety, long-lasting cotton or linen – and the right person who’d help me sew the bags precisely, “nearly perfectly”.

Following planning and experimenting for long the first model (“Long dog”) was created with 5 pockets, which I wanted it to suit the following functions: document holder, purse holder, glasses holder, key holder, phone holder. I set zips and velcros to the pockets, which became absolutely safe (even for keeping coins, according to my experiences). The pockets were padded, too, which gains further security as well as lifespan.

By 2007, the idea of the next belt bag had been born. (I named this model “Small pig” for the “carabine-tail” hanging from the bracer.) It’s become somewhat shortert than its predecessor, but also got 5 pockets. A phone can be placed in it standing, next to it there is a cigarette box sized pocket, behind which there’s a document holder, next to it are a longish and a small pocket.

Of course, I don’t wanna determine what to put in each pocket, all I’d like to do is passing over the principle.

In 2008 a much shorter model was created (“Pati”), which was named after the paprikas embroidered on it. The name “Patrika” and the logo/design were born that year. This bag is formally different from all the others: the base part got triangular-shaped tags on both sides. It has three, relatively big pockets. Inside the biggest pocket there’s a carbine, which you can attach keys (or anything else:) to.

In 2009, being urged by several friends, I made a forceful creation called “Buffalo”, which is the merge of “Long Dog” and “Small Pig”, with 7 pockets, a thicker bracer and a stronger snap.

By 2010 several mothers had reported frequent family fights with children over parents’ belt bags so I designed a junior belt bag model. “Tiger” is the mini variety of the 2007 model, with one big and two smaller pockets (which are on the big one).

2011 – "Rabbit Ear"– This bag has been designed for those who don’t want to carry anything back. On the left and the right there is one pocket each, which 3 smaller ones have been attached to.

2012 – "Smart Dog" is a new version of Long Dog. New smart phones require sizes change, which led to enlarging the side pocket. This way the mobile phone gets in a double-zipped, easily accessible pocket.

2013 –" Rolling Snake" – This year I surprise you not only with a new kind of belt bag. This new bag has a special pocket, completely fitting the new tobacco sachet designed by me.
What is tobacco sachet? A uniquely designed, two-sided, linen wallet lockable by a piece of rubber, which has enough space for tobacco, filters, paper, and lighter.
Rolling Snake therefore is perfect belt bag for smokers. It has other pockets (for documents, mobile phone, etc.) so you don’t need to carry other bags.

I don’t want mass production, I prefer individual creatures and special textiles. One series contains 10 same-looking bags at most.

I undertake a 1-year warranty for each bag. It must bear that – and it will bear that. I wear it… EVERY DAY!